Former Pastor from Owen got off easy on sex assault

I saw the story today about the former Pastor from Owen, Ervin Witmer, and I just can't believe that he only got 1 1/2 years in prison.

I feel like this man has some major issues and he obviously preyed on the 15 year old boy that he assaulted. He also seemed to act like it was somehow or partially the boy's fault! It is just so disturbing to think that this man acted this way!

The article also said that he received 8 1/2 years of extended supervision, but, I think he should have gotten more time of incarceration.

I really hope that the victim will get the help that he needs, especially since he had already been molested before the pastor came along.

I wonder how others feel about it?

Related Headline: Former pastor will go to prison for sexually assaulting 15-year-old boy in Madison motel room


I agree that he should have gotten more time behind bars. It is just so sickening when people in positions like his, do stuff like this! Eye for an eye.

I think all good manipulators will put the blame on the victim somehow, it is part of their tequnique. Pedophile and he should have gotten more time, hope he will at least have to be on the Sex Offender Register List for life!

Just like people sue because they've been slandered, I think that pedifiles and rapists SHOULD be slandered publically so anyone that sees their name is going to know what they've done. It should be plastered all over the news. Not just on a registry where people have to look it up. It needs to be on the news and everything else. Public Humiliation!

When he gets out, he will free to molest again, that is what will happen.
It is a cycle and it repeats itself.
I agree with public humiliation but I don't think it is enough to stop an offender from re-offending.

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