Let's hear some speculation on the Owen Police Chief's resignation

I saw on the news were the police chief of Owen has resigned. Apparently he had been on leave and has now resigned. There doesn't seem to be any information on why or what is going on. What do you think is going on? Drugs? Sexting? Inappropriate behavior? Health issues? None of the above?


I think I saw somewhere that is was inappropriate behavior, but, I don't think they have said any more than that yet.

my guess is drugs

he and his wife were swingers. some one had got video and pictures of him having sex but then dropped the phone in water to destroy the evidence.

he was also threatening people

Oh wow, another cop who thinks he can do whatever he wants. Glad that he resigned, those type of people have no business holding authority positions!

I can tell you first hand that they are NOT swingers. He was not having sex or threating anyone. That is all rumors. He did on the other make a bad choice in his personal life and because of that he is being hung out to dry. He DID NOT resign to run from consquences or to try to get away with anything as nothing he did was illegal and the consquenses of his actions are far from over. He thought it would be better for his family because of the rumors, the way the community sat in judgement not of just his mistakes but they were out for blood. So they willfully set the rumors in motion. Maybe some of the people who commented on the various webpages should put their money where their mouth is and prove all the BS that they are spreading. Maybe they should have to be accountable for what they are saying then we would only hear the truth. But we all know that will NEVER happen becuse it is much eaiser to spread lies that can ruin someone's life personally and professionally instead of fixing the problems in our own lifes. All the rumor spreading gossip mills should be ashamed of themselves for the lies they are telling. Remmber those without sin, cast the first stone. HE NEVER claimed to be perfect as some apparently seem to think they are.

Is this his wife talking? Rumors always have some element of the truth. So me people can't face the truth. Oh my...

As an officer of the law, he should expect all of the rumors and speculation as it comes with the territory...
Maybe if you have "first hand" information, you shed some light on the truth?

Why did that person drop their phone into the water, that sounds a little fishy

Maybe they were out of soap and just used a phone to see what might happen. It might sound fishy but it wont smell fishy.

I thought I just did.

"a bad choice in his personal life" doesn't explain much...

If it were something that needed to be explained it would. DO you need all your bad choices explained to the world? No one was in danger and he was off duty. This happened in his persoanl life. Why is that not enough for the public? And why does his wife need to be dragged into all these rumors? She was not an officer of the law.

And ad far ad the "dropped" phone...I am not sure that anyone "really" had any pictures. So along with the rest I beleive thatis alos rumor.

public scrutiny comes with the territory and that includes family, sad but true.

What about open records? There has to be some information somewhere that provides the details of the off-duty bad choice. Is he a wife-beater? I dated a cop once that held a gun to my head when he was angry. Dumped him quick but a very scary man. Other officers hid information and supported that individual so he is still a cop today and married to another woman that I am sure he continues to be an abusive controlling individual towards her. Cops stick together often believe they are above the law and they can choose which laws they want to follow and the ones they want to break. People in the community deserve the "whole" truth not just an "off-duty bad choice."

hiding the truth does not help speculation, it only creates more...

He DID NOT beat his wife. He cheated on her. That was the bad choice that the city officials took a moral stand with and he choose to resign to work on his family. This is not something the the public needed to know. IF they were in any danger then they would have been in formed. There was no criminal charges as what he did was not a crime in Wisconsin, this was something that should have been handle privately in their home.

I am really surprised that he resigned due to what is being said here. It happens so often that I figured it was commonplace and no one would even care, it just seems like a lot of cops cheat on their wives, big deal! Now, if the 3rd person was a minor or some other situation like that, then I could see a resignation but for this, c'mon!

Well in fact I do believe cheating does have something to do with how he can do his job. If he doesn't take his marriage vows seioursly how can he take the oath to protect and serve the public seriously? If he wanted to date other women, separate and get a divorce first and then these consequences would not happen. Yes, cops are human too but unfortunately held to a much higher standard than others in our community. Morally he is corrupt which leads me to belive that the town officials made a good choice. Once a person has no moral compass anything goes and no I could not trust a member of law enforcement who makes such poor choices in their own personal life. My heart goes out to his wife and children as he is ripping apart their family and their lives. I hope his wife files for divorce as she and her children deserve so much better than a morally corrupt ex-cop who is a cheater and liar and obviously a very selfish individual. His decision to cheat has many consequences. He needed to end the marriage before jumping in bed with the new little harpy. Good luck to his wife and children. I hope she has kicked him to the curb. Again she deserves much better than this cheating low life who gave no thouht to how his actions would impact others in order that he could get his jollies.

Janeyjig, though I respect your opinion this was not a situation of a long time affair this was a one time thing that ONLY involved kissing. Now I am not saying that that is ok, or that there should not be consequences to his actions. But I don't feel that the actions taken were nesasarily appropriate either. Not on the city's behalf. If a doctor cheats on their spouse are you going to stop seeing them? Probably not because you wouldn't know about it. Also to have such a harsh opinion about the matter, do you know the people involved? He is very remorseful and thought that if he resigned then his family could possibly begin to heal and see of working though this was even an option. He was not trying to run from anything. But now because someone decided that resigning was not enough his family are the ones paying the price because if you think that just a divorce is going to stop the back mash that his wide and kids are going you might want to think again. Owen is in NO way a forgiving community for the family. He is not asking to be forgiven. But his wife and kids did nothing wrong and now they find themselves on the receiving end of the lies and the rumors. So short of his wife who owns a business in town and his kids leaving the area where they own their home just how do you expect this family to heal? And why should his family have to loose everything because of the actions of one? The last time I checked cheating was wrong not a crime. A d bring human and making ONE bad choice one night does not make him a bad cop!

I have to agree with the last post from TiredoftheRumors - he did not commit a crime. Morally wrong, yes, but it happens ALL the time. I am very surprised that anything at all was done about it.

Cops like this, should not be cops. They should be held up to a higher standard.

Tired of the Rumors if indeed what you are saying is true and he did only share a kiss with another woman that technically is not the definition of an affair in my book but merely a bad decision or indescretion both indicate bad taste but not a cheater. Plus if it only happened as you say one kiss one time I have difficulty understanding how this could have resulted in his resignation. Kissing another woman may be a lapse of judgment but is not an affair that is worth resigning over unless of course there are other skeletons to uncover. If what you say is true it is a truly sad circumstance. Or why was it only one kiss---he loves his wife and did not want to take the kiss to the next level of an affair or was it witnessed by a gossip monger and spread around the town before his dose of viagra took full effect? No small community is forgiving to the fallen especially the ones that trip themselves up but if what you say is true I definitely would have fought to save my job because there is no quiet way to resign without creating nasty rumors and speculation. He should have realized as a public servant there is no way to spare his family and keep his actions secret trying to avoid the truth would only make it worse. Small town gossip mills are always churning. I actually feel horrible if you are telling the whole truth. I still have a sneaking suspicion there is more to the story that you are not privy too either or that the former chief is not sharing with his commrades. Definitely good to see the chief has such loyal friends that believe in his innocence. You have defnitely given me something to think about but the nagging feeling that this does not make sense is not leaving either. If as you say happened I truly wish the former chief and his family the healing, peace and respect they deserve with best wishes for future endeavors. If however more to the story leaks out I will have to say: "I told you so."

If he wasn't caught, would he still have resigned?

I'm sure if he wasn't caught he would not have resigned, it always works that way. No one has a conscience until they are caught.

Radny had concidered leaving before all of this has happened. His getting caught did not make the deision for him. He felt that it was best for him to deal with the issues at hand in his personal life. There have also been rumored allegations coming from other residents that was imparing him from doing the job he was hired to do. In law enforcement it is love hate relationship with any community. If you need them to help you you love them but when they make a bad choice that did not effect ANYONE other than himslef and his family, the majority of the community jump on the bandwagon and go as far as to make up lies about him. And why? Because he had a job to do? How many of you that are commenting on the various websites really know him or his family? How can you sit there and pass judgement? I truly hope for those of you that are so quick to judge, that you don't ever make a mistake in your life and have to live with all of the rumors and lies that his family has to deal with now, because what happened was not bad enough people need to make up lies or emblish the truth, for what? Did his family ever do anything to anyone that is doing this. And not one person would have enough guts to tell him or his family directly how or why they feel the way they do. This was not a long time affair that he was just caught in. This was not an on the job issue much to the lies that are going around town. He NEVER once though the was better then anyone else or thought he was getting way with anything. The fact that he got caught was not the issue as his cheeting happpen one night kissing another married women in public. He was hardly tring to hide it and went himself to the city mayor 2 day after this happened and told him everything so what was he trying to hide. The getting caught was a mute point when he fully accepted his responsibity for his action that night. The resigning happened not because he got caught but because the people of this community think it is ok to lie about someone to make them look worse. he could never have done his job to the fulliest without ALWAYS having to look over his shoulder and wonder what lie are they going to tell about this. When you have some community members posting on facebook to join together to lie and get him out what chance did he have to save anything. He choose his battles and decided his family and his marriage were more important to fight for.

Just leave.

this person you are saying who is so horrible, it MY FATHER. none of you no him. except for Tired Of the Rumors. and if you do know him, then i'm sorry that you have the balls to sit and trash talk him. it's none of your damn business and if it was, then you wouldn't be posting on here being nosey and annoying. My father is wonderful man and i will stand behind him no matter what. one wrong choice does not change the fact that he was an outstanding officer and i'm sorry that owen withee is such a Sh*t town and that no one realized that. that place needs to go up in flames. i am not by any means saying that what he did was right, but before you sit here and want to hear all the gossip, maybe you should look in the morror and realize that you're life probably isn't that great either if you can sit here and wanna know about someone else's mistakes. get a life.

We all love our Dad's and will stand up for our family. However, his job has put him in the public's eye and he is held to a higher standard due to the nature of his job. Much like Bill Clinton who lied about the Lewinsky affair. He did not resign. He did not quit. He was forgiven and look how the country now loves and respects him. I find it odd that your Dad would resign over a mere lapse of judgment and one simple kiss. Unfortunately the gossip mills churn when this type of thing happens. I don't believe anyone is trash talking him on the site here. As a public servant though the community he has sworn to protect and serve has a right to know. Unfortunately the rumors and gossip go along with this. I would think he would have been better off to dig in his heels and fight for his job since he obviously has the support of family and good friends. I feel sorry for you and your family and pity for your father and his poor decisions and yes we all make dumb mistakes but we all have to deal with consequences and destruction that our actions have caused not to mention knowing that people will spew hateful gossip behind our backs. Good luck to you all.

Ok, so we know that he had pornography, was intimidating witnesses and driving drunk, PLUS cheating on his wife. Yeah, a little more than just kissing a woman who wasn't his wife.

Oh right and the media would never imbelush the truth to snake a better story would they .....if only everyone were held to the same standards if accountability. I mean I'm not sayin what the guy did was right but really is all this necessary I'm sure he has enough consequences to deal with...and from what I gather he is no longer a cop...why not let it go and move on people to your next victim because I'm sure yup are all so perfect that you can sit and pads judgement on another.....

Open records will give everyone the chance to really 'know' what happened. Really easy, go to the MFLD PD and request a copy of the report from the investigation. Anyone can get this. Probably costs 10 cents a cop but if you want the "truth" it is there for the taking. I suppose though that the report is full of lies also based on what his family says.....................The news stations obtained a copy and I have seen the same copy also. Much more to this story than some kissing of another woman....

Obviously this offender is guilty or he never would have resigned. He betrayed the citizens and should be charged . Now he gets away with no charges.He might still make it to this site though where we can all be proud.https://www.facebook.com/PigStateNews?ref=ts&fref=ts

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